Affordable & Common Sense Solutions
When Considering Selling Your House By Owner.

This system will provide you an effective marketing program that will reach beyond Zillow, a For Sale sign, and an Open House.
This program will assist you to make the sale happen faster and at a higher sale price.
You simply move with more equity.

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Our goal is to help you take the proper steps to increase the probability of selling your home in today’s competitive market. Excelsior Relocation equips you with the right information so you can properly engage buyers, defend your price and achieve your By Owner sale.


Why Are So Many Agents Bugging Me?

Many agents from all companies race to call the For Sale By Owner.  Trying to get listings as fast as they can.  They will try to convince you that you will not be able to sell the home without their help. We know that you can. You just have to look at the numbers and know your probability.


Determine Your Marketplace Momentum

Selling your home is about probabilities. It is not often because of the marketing program the Real Estate Agent has. It is more about market momentum, and showing up when the market is in your favor.

Using Pending Home Sales To Achieve A Higher Price

Selling your home is about probabilities. It is not often because of the marketing program the Real Estate Agent has. It is more about market momentum, and showing up when the market is in your favor.

Don’t Leave Money On The Table

The goal is not to leave money on the table. You are moving an asset. You never want to price your asset higher than what the market will bear, but that does not mean you must under price it either.

The Great Feat of Selling By Owner – A Story

An encouraging word for your financial goal. You can do this!


Create A Second Showing To Encourage An Offer

At times a Buyer is not willing to make an offer on a property because they are not ready. It may take a second showing for them to make a decision. Do you as the “listing agent” have a strategy to create another showing on the property?

Key Questions To Get A 2nd Showing

Homeowners are usually uncomfortable with the followup process. There are key questions to ask buyers to uncover their motivation and opinion on the property and other indications that could tell you if they are still interested.

Is The Buyer Emotionally Ready To Buy?

If you feel rapport is high, you may be able to get these qutions on timing and motivation. We want to figure out if they are ready to buy.

Confirming The Time Table They Need To Close

The more questions you can ask the more you information you get out of the buyer. Listen to find out if the Buyer is ready to close on a property now, or if they still need to sell their current home.


Being equipped with the right information and evidence helps you negotiate the highest sale price of your home. We provide an effective system without you having to pay what may be considered excessive agent fees.

Avoid Getting A Low Offer

If a buyer has interested in your home, Its important to be ready with data or an “Offer Packet”. The way to avoid a low offer on your property is to be prepared with the data to back your asking price. Be ready to provide this data to an interested party before an offer comes in.

Obtaining Data On Your Property

The best way to quickly aquire data on your property is to simple as a trusted Realtor®, Appraiser or any 3rd party. They should be able to provide data that can support your price to interested parties. Excelsior Relocation would also be able to provide this assistance.

Why Wont The Buyer Make An Offer?

Some buyers do not understand the home buying process. It can be very daunted for them to move forward, even if they are in love with your property. This is why we encourage you to have an “Offer Packet” ready with documents ready in advance on how to make an offer on your home.

Building Trust With A Reluctant Buyer

A buyer might not come forward with an offer on the property simply because they are not comfortable with the process, and you have not built up rapport with the buyer. We have found that some clients have not made an offer to someone selling by owner because they did not trust buying without representation. Build up rapport with your future home buyer and they could be more willing to present you an offer.

Your Homework As The “Listing Agent”

A summary of what you should have ready and how to be prepared so you can get the offer you want on your property. Your probability increases to sell your home if you are prepared and equipped with the correct information.