This course, “Selling Your Home Without a Realtor”, was provided at the University of Missouri, St. Louis.

As part of the program from The Center for Financial Education. 

We hope these quick summaries are helpful to you as you sell your home.


Some buyers are “browsers” that have no intention of buying your property, but they often see looking at property as a hobby. These questions will filter out the unqualified, unmotivated, and uninterested buyers. You will identify the financially qualified and buyers with a sense of urgency.

Sample Question: I always like to ask a buyer this question, may I ask you what your time table is for purchasing a home?

Buyer : Oh, we are in no hurry. We are just looking.

Insight : You can still set the appointment and allow them to view your property. However, you can also invite them to your weekend open house. That way, you do not have to prep your property for a showing to a buyer that is just browsing.

Remain in control of the conversations and you will have a more pleasant experience selling your own property.


Within hours of your property being advertised online, you may experience 10-50 agents calling you to “ask you for the listing, or state that they presently have a hot buyer.” Instead of answering questions from the agent, we encourage you to first, ask this one question.

Sample Question: You say you have a buyer for my property, I have one question for you. I am ok with you viewing my property, may I simply ask the first names of your buyer for my records? (follow up question – “have they already sold their present home?”

Insight : The agent would not have expected you to ask these questions. You are not asking anything private about the buyer, but you are trying to authenticate if the agent truly has a buyer or is merely coming over to present a listing agreement.

Remain in control of the conversations and you will have a more pleasant experience selling your own property.


Possibly one of the greatest challenges to selling a property in a private sale (for sale by owner) is the reluctance on the part of the buyer. While the seller is often comfortable with contracts, financing contingencies, inspections, appraisal issues, title co procedures, often a buyer is not.

By having an OFFER KIT ready to provide a buyer with interest, you have proactively put the buyer’s mind at ease. Depending upon your market in the USA, the KIT may contain different documents. At a minimum it should contain :

  1. What is included in the sale – appliances, furniture, tvs, or other personal items?
  2. What is excluded from the sale – your favorite mirror, tvs on the wall, or other item that may be attached?
  3. What escrow payment do you want to have the buyer put down as a deposit?
  4. What is the close date you would like the buyer to agree to?
  5. What would you find acceptable for any contingencies, financing, appraisal, inspections, or others that may be on addendums?

If you would like, our Offer Kit also will provide you with key questions to ask the buyer before a contract is written. And insights on how you ask questions when the buyer is nibbling at the price.

Buyer asks: Is the price somewhat negotiable?
Seller : Yes – we can go as high as you like!

Insight : Some people are professional “nibblers.” When you are selling your property, you want a hassle free deal, you want to achieve a specific range of sale price, and feel you have been treated fairly.

Remain in control of the conversations and you will have a more pleasant experience selling your own property.


Selling your property is a combination of Pictures – Price – Profile – and Placement: How to Present Your Property to the MarketPlace

As one of the founders of The Center For Financial Education, I was an adjunct instructor at UMSL. We hope this education will be helpful to you as you sell your property directly to a buyer. If you desire, please share your contact information below and we will provide you with the full course material that will equip you to stay the course selling your property, so that it is more profitable and keeps you in control of the process.

Bryan Kelsey
President of Fox Financial Relocation
Founding Member – The Center for Financial Education
Former Adjunct Instructor – UMSL