“The one thing all buyers want is more property choices. We deliver with LEAP properties.”

– President Fox Financial Relocation Director, Bryan Kelsey

Are your property choices
only coming from the “Active Pond?”

Finding properties in the different ponds

There are at least 7 ponds for you to find your dream home or your next investment property. The “Active Property Pond” is fed by the MLS. It has ALL broker properties that are REALTORS.

No website has more, no website has less. They are equal. Thus you do not need to be on multiple search sites. In addition to the example below, we find buyers (and investors) properties from these additional sources. Rehabbers with properties coming soon. For sale by owners. Probate attorneys. Estate Liquidators. Builders. Our local Salesforce is constantly seeking “off market property” to bring to our relocation and investor buyers.

Why do some sites have different properties?

All real estate agents have access to the same property data. Other sites do not have more properties. The only way you get different results is if you have “different search parameters.”

Buyers accidentally “filter out properties” by having too many parameters and unknowingly eliminate property. Unfortunately, “filters…filter out property.”


Can I find LEAP properties with my friend who is a Realtor?

Yes, if they know which “property ponds” have a high productivity outcome.

Yes, if they know how to approach Estate Attorneys, Expired Listings, Wholesalers, Rehabbers, and the many other “property ponds” that hold the housing inventory. Most agents stick with the “Active Pond” because it is expedient. It often requires no work on the part of the agent as most buyers find properties on their own and notify their agent.

Next time L.E.A.P.!

No Double Moves.
Finding Property Faster.
We Accepted the Job Offer!

Property Ponds – Four of the 10 Off-Market Sources We Fish In!


Landlords that have
rental properties are
often looking to sell
but don’t want to list it
with a Realtor.


Homes that were
once on the market
but did not sell have a
“high return rate to the


This is the pond
everyone fishes from.


In some markets
10-20% of property
return to the market
due to financing or
inspection disputes.

Leaving a legacy.
Being wise.
It is for all generations.

How do micro markets impact your appreciation?

The difference between 3% and 7% appreciation per year on a $450,000 home can be $186,000 in just 7 years!

As we help clients find more home inventory through our L.E.A.P. properties home search, we also help them manage their money. We look at micro areas like a mutual fund, so you can track how neighborhood or subdivision has performed historically, to get an idea of what your investment might return in the future and take the guess work out of what a “fair price” might be.

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