I realize you may have been called by 10-15 Realtors (per day!) that want to list your property. I DO NOT LIST in this type of transaction. I work on the BUYER SIDE of the transaction when assisting relocation buyers that are assigned to me.


Our firm works with home buyers all over the United States; primarily from the Midwest. I am from Missouri, but I am licensed and reside here in Southwest Florida.

Many times our relocation buyers are in town for just 2-3 days, and need to make a quick decision in order to be able to utilize their time constrained company relocation benefits. Because of this quick time line it is vital we prescreen & eliminate properties that are not a match for them.


When we preview properties we are looking for four things:

1. Is the property turnkey (not necessarily furnished; rather, is the property move in ready, requiring little to no renovation/updates for the buyer to take occupancy)?

2. Is occupancy of the property by the buyer available within approximately 30-60 days?

We typically ask if you are able to close in 30 days or less; however, we understand you may want a longer closing, or stay in the property if you have not found a destination property for yourself as of yet.

3. Is there evidence of appreciation in the current market of the property?

4. Is the property priced appropriately according to the property’s condition and features, as well as the current market?


When buyers relocate from the Midwest to Florida, many times they are (not so pleasantly) surprised by what their Midwest home budget can afford them in Southwest Florida.

Our role in helping families move their money is assisting them in investing in their next subdivision wisely. In doing this, not only do we present potential properties to our buyers, but also our detailed analysis of each property. We carefully analyze velocity of the market, along with property features and condition to help buyers understand the value of the property, and what is an appropriate price they should expect to pay.

Some families anticipate relocating again in the next 3-5 years, and want to ensure when it is time to relocate again their investment will have appreciated, and not depreciated.

Would you be receptive to us showing your home to a relocation buyer? And if so, if the sale price and contract conditions are agreeable to you, would you pay a 2% broker fee?

Our hope is that your property is a MATCH for our relocation buyer pool.

Bryan Kelsey
Fox Financial Relocation
Relocation Director
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Melissa Abele
Fox Financial Relocation
Client Supervisor

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