Our team is Fox Financial Group. We are licensed under eXp Realty, a global company, as well as accredited Mega Icon level, and Luxury Certified. My name is Bryan Kelsey, and I am the president of the company. I was first licensed as a Realtor at the age of 24 in 1985. My team achieved the ranking of #2 agent in Missouri. I now lead a team in California, Texas, Idaho, Missouri, Illinois, Georgia, and Florida. At the present time we have approximately 74 agents on our team. 


I reside in Cape Coral, Florida. I relocated here in 2021 to be part of a team to build 182 condos in Punta Gorda. The land was purchased just to the east of Ponce De Leon State Park; however, the investor exited the deal.

Our team immediately began purchasing single family properties to rehab and flip, as well as some wholesaling.

In the process, I also began building our Florida team in Orlando, Tampa, Cape Coral/Fort Myers, Boca Raton, and Ft Lauderdale. We are currently expanding this team to cover the entire region from Marco Island up to Tampa.

Building an Agent Salesforce

As an LO, you may want more Realtors. As a team leader in 7 states, I want more Realtors. My team has been built up across the country, but now we are focusing on building on a vast sales force in SW Florida.

We would like to consider working with you as our LO in this territory. Your money is not the thing we are seeking, rather your talent and ability to draw agents into our free training.

If you can help draw agents to my Wednesday evening 7 pm course called “The Reality of Realty”, I will equip the agents to list more property and to close more buyer deals. https://realityofrealty.info/

This event will help you build agent relationships, especially the weeks you co-lead the training events. 


Closing an additional $1,000,000 in loans per month

I believe loan officers should consider Realtors as an “extension of their sales force”. Agents are out in the field finding the LO business. If an LO wants to increase their monthly production by another $1,000,000 per month they either need to build CPA, attorney, and financial planner pipelines, or collaborate with more agents.

Ideally we are finding brand new agents, as they are often eager for “real solutions” and strategies to build their business. In just a matter of months, I believe we can have 10 buyer agents join our team, thereby creating monthly mortgage closings for you, and buyer controlled transactions for us. 

Credit Card or Personal Value

I ran a program in St. Louis, MO called “The LO Genius.” Through this program I coached Wells Fargo and USA Mortgage loan officers, as well as loan officers with many other companies. All LOs in the program had one objective, and that was to close at least $1,000,000 more per month. The key, of course, is getting agents to find the LO attractive in what they are offering. 

Mortgage products are not what attracts Realtors. Agents are won over based upon the personal value they see in the loan officer, or their credit card to buy the Realtor leads. Which do you prefer: to buy an agent leads, or build a strong referral relationship? 

Our training program equips agents to create a strong buyer referral network, and create longevity in their careers. Some of these agents will find our Fox Financial training program attractive, and chose to join my team here in SW Florida. Some will choose to stay at their firms. As long as you and I can attract 10 agents, we are well on our way to closing 3-5 buyer deals per month.   


Do you have a list of agents, their emails and cell numbers? Is this in a spreadsheet? In order to begin deepening the relationship, we would provide you with text message and email templates, and a phone script to call the agents and invite them to an online event. You will co-lead some of these events.

This is a very limited opportunity. We are already conducting this program in multiple states, and getting it up and running here in SW Florida. I hope I have laid this out well, and you are ready to get started. If you would like to proceed we will provide you with the content. If you have questions, please let me know. 

Bryan Kelsey
Fox Financial Group
eXp Global