We realize you may have been called by 10-15 Realtors that want to list your property. I DO NOT LIST. I work on the BUYER SIDE of the transaction when assisting relocation buyers that are assigned to me.


We work primarily with home buyers from the midwest. I am from Missouri but I am licensed and reside here. We just have one question, may we show your property to a relocation buyer? And if so, if the sale price is agreeable, and the close date, would you pay a 2% broker fee?

We typically would ask if you are looking to close in 30 days or less. However, we understand that you may want a long closing or to stay in the property if you have not found a property for yourself as of yet.

Our hope is that your property is a MATCH for our relocation buyer pool.

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Melissa Abele
Fox Financial Relocation
Client Supervisor
member of eXp