Your Property Is In Our L.E.A.P. Program

We do not always have a buyer on the first day we become aware of a property like yours. However, we make it aware for our buyer pool.

  • Timing

For some buyers, while they may be in communication with us regarding your property, asking us questions about your property features, and areas of interest in your community, they simply may not be ready to put your property under contract.

  • Amenities

For some buyers, they are often looking for certain luxury amenities in the property, and in the area near a home in the LEAP program.

We provide them insight on the lifestyle they seek.

  • Price

When buyers relocate, they often have no sense for the cost of housing in our state. We have extensive data on your property and a current snapshot of the Velocity Report that shows how property is “appreciating” in your immediate market.

Here is your current Velocity Report: